Roles & Representatives


EPC representatives in committees

Committees EPC representative Alternate
ATS Desktop support ATS Desktop  
Contract Change Review Board (CCRB) Gilles Le Godec & Miguel Cerqueira Bastos  
CO3 - Controls Coordination Committee Kevin Kessler Quentin King
CSAP (Chair of the SPS Complex Safety Advisory Panel) David Nisbet (LHC-CSAP Deputy Chair)  
CTTB (ATS Common Hardware & Software Technoliges Board) Quentin King & Benjamin Todd  
Department Specification Committee David Nisbet  
EATM - Experimental Areas Technical Meeting Xavier Genillon Yves Gaillard
FCC technology coordination meetings Davide Aguglia  
FOM - Facilities Operations Meeting Serge Pittet Loïc De Oliveira
IEFC - The LHC Injector and Experimental Facilities Committee Davide Aguglia Karsten Kahle
LMC - LHC Machine Committee Valérie Montabonnet  
Machine Availability and Reliability Panel & Availability Working Group Benjamin Todd  
MPP - Machine Protection Panel David Nisbet Benjamin Todd
rMPP - restricted Machine Protection Panel for the injector complex David Nisbet (deputy)  
MP3 - LHC Magnet Circuits, Powering and Performance Panel - MP3  Hugues Thiesen Miguel Cerqueira Bastos
POLICHEM Department Representative Valérie Montabonnet  
Ranking Senior Applied Fellows and PCB Benjamin Todd  
SYMB - SY Management Board Meetings / Site Sharepoint Valérie Montabonnet Davide Aguglia
SYTM- SY Technical Meeting Valérie Montabonnet Davide Aguglia
SY Department KT Representative Davide Aguglia  
Smooth Upgrade Working Group Przemyslaw Plutecki Raul Murillo Garcia
SY Promotion Panel Fulvio Boattini Konstantinos Papastergiou 
Representant for SY LD Recruitment Valérie Montabonnet  
TIOC - Technical Infrastructures Operation Committee Ludovic Germain-Bonne  


EPC Representative / Workpackage Leader in Projects

Projects EPC representative  Alternate
AWAKE - Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration  Gilles Le Godec Konstantinos Papastergiou 
ACP - Accelerator Consolidation Project David Nisbet  
CLIC Study - Compact Linear Collider Study Davide Aguglia  
CATIA / Inventory working group Nicolas David  
EN-EL / EPC Working Group Charles Genton Francisco Blanquez Delgado
FCC Powering Francisco Blanquez Delgado  
FCC Studies Davide Aguglia  
HL-LHC - High Luminosity for LHC Michele Martino Valérie Montabonnet
S-FRS Hugues Thiesen Christophe Mutin
Transfer Line for PUMA studies Christophe Machado  


Internal Working Groups/ Meetings

Working Groups/Meetings  EPC representative 
Control Theory and Methods Working Group Michele Martino
EPC Electronics Working Group  Slawosz Uznanski 
EPC Technical Meetings Davide Aguglia
EPC Seminar Meetings Serge Pittet
EPC SLM Valérie Montabonnet