EPC test bench

The table below gives the list of EPC group repair and test facilities:

Buildings Tests Zones Dedicated for repair & test ...
Hall 287 (A7) - Ground Floor Hall 287/R-1 Capacitor Test Bed
  Hall 287/R-2 18kV Converter Test Zone
  Hall 287/R-3 Medium Power Converter Test Zone
  Hall 287/R-4 PSU Lab
Hall 287 (A7) - First Floor Hall 287/1-1 LHC60A-08V
  Hall 287/1-2 LHC120A-10V, Promec 24V, QHPS, Minitek
  Hall 287/1-3 LHC4-6-8kA-08V
  Hall 287/1-4 LHC600A-10V, LHC600A-12V, LHC600A-40V, Canada
  Hall 287/1-5
Electronics Cards and Modules
Hall 377 (Hall-P) - Ground Floor Hall 377/R-Zone 1  LHC13kA-18V, LHC Inner Triplets
  Hall 377/R-Zone 2 LHC13kA-190V
  Hall 377/R-Zone 3 High Voltage Converters
  Hall 377/R-Zone 4 High Voltage Converters
  Hall 377/R-Zone 5 HV Precision Dividers
  Hall 377/R-Zone 6 DCCT < 6kA
  Hall 377/R-Zone 7 DCCT > 6kA
Hall 866 - Ground Floor Hall 866/R-B18 Medium and High Power Converters