Year EDMS number Title Name Publication
2023 2956937 Architecture Overview of the FGCDv2, CERN's Brand-new Power Converters Control Framework IPAC Conference
2023 2956938 Software Architecture Of FGC4, CERN’s Next-Generation Power Converter Control Platform IPAC Conference
2023 2936475 Rapid control prototyping platform to regulate a high-current low-voltage DC/DC power converter prototype to feed superconducting electromagnets SAAEI Conference
2023 2907200 A scadale DC/DC converter topology with modularised energy storage for high energy physics applications IEEE Journal Papers
2023 2899475 CERN Laboratory News Highlights only! POCPA Conference
2023 2899178 Reliability and Component Ageing with highlight on Electrolytic capacitors and Batteries POCPA Conference
2023 2891064 A two harmonics circuit for the powering of the very fast RCS (Rapid Cycling Synchrotron) of the MUON collider accelerator IPAC Conference
2023 2839492 A condition monitoring method for solder layer degradation of liquid-cooled power semiconductors PCIM Conference
2022 2868726 Performance of the low energy ion ring at CERN with lead ions in 2022 IPAC Conference
2022 2796208 Low-frequency analytical model of superconducting magnet impedance Hindawi Journal Papers
2022 2783052 Fault-Tolerant Strategies in MMC-Based High Power Magnet Supply for Particle Accelerators Electrimacs Conference
2022 2783050 Full-Bridge Modular Multilevel Converter for the Four-Quadrant Supply of High Power Magnets in Particle Accelerators EPE Conference
2022 2783049 Design Concepts for Medium Voltage DC Networks supplying the Future Circular Collider (FCC) EPE Conference
2022 2781907 Inductor Design Optimization Using FEA Supervised Machine Learning EPE Conference
2022 2781899 A quasi-offline condition monitoring method of DC-link capacitor banks in accelerator power converters EPE Conference
2022 2765057 Measurement of Excess Noise in Thin Film and Metal Foil Resistor Networks I2MTC Conference
2022 2765054 A Metrology-grade Digitizer for Power Converters in the High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider I2MTC Conference
2022 2670118 Powering for a sustainable future CERN Courier Journal Papers
2021 2781065 A system test plateform for the CERN power converter contrel electronics TWEPP Conference
2021 2616603 Experimental verification of thermal model for PCB mounted MOSFETs used on parallel H-bridge structures RPIC Conference
2021 2621310 Modular Resonant 25 kV - 8 A Power Converter for Particle Accelerator Application Realisation and Operation EPE Conference
2021 2645377 On dimensioning the fundamental brick for a scalable DC-DC converter with energy recovery EPE Conference
2021 2645381 Energy flow control in a modular DC-DC converter with energy recovery PEDG Conference
2021 2718079 High precision scalable power converter for accelerator magnets TWEPP Conference
2021 2765072 Digital control of multiphase Series Capacitor Buck converter prototype for the powering of HL-LHC Inner Triplet magnets IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS Journal Papers