Year EDMS number Title Name Publication
2022 2765057 Measurement of Excess Noise in Thin Film and Metal Foil Resistor Networks I2MTC Conference
2022 2765054 A Metrology-grade Digitizer for Power Converters in the High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider I2MTC Conference
2022 2670118 Powering for a sustainable future CERN Courier Journal Papers
2021 2765072 Digital control of multiphase Series Capacitor Buck converter prototype for the powering of HL-LHC Inner Triplet magnets IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS Journal Papers
2021 2718079 High precision scalable power converter for accelerator magnets TWEPP Conference
2021 2645381 Energy flow control in a modular DC-DC converter with energy recovery PEDG Conference
2021 2645377 On dimensioning the fundamental brick for a scalable DC-DC converter with energy recovery EPE Conference
2021 2621310 Modular Resonant 25 kV - 8 A Power Converter for Particle Accelerator Application Realisation and Operation EPE Conference
2021 2616603 Experimental verification of thermal model for PCB mounted MOSFETs used on parallel H-bridge structures RPIC Conference
2020 2309609 Impact of flux jumps in future colliders Physical Review Accelerator and Beams Journal Papers
2020 2675775 Design of an input filter stage for a multi-phase H-bridge interleaved modular converter ARGENCON Conference
2020 2675774 Control strategy for an interleaved converter based on parallel H-bridge structures AADECA Conference
2020 2471623 Transient voltage dip mitigation system based on hybrid modular multilevel converters EPE Conference
2020 2423585 High-Current Low-Voltage Power Supply for Superconducting Magnets EPFL Infoscience Journal Papers
2020 2264451 Design Optimization of Two-Quadrant High-Current Low-Voltage Power Supply IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics Journal Papers
2020 2408155 Data-driven approach to iterative learning control via convex optimisation IET Control Theory and Applications Journal Papers
2020 2392995 Dead-Time influence on fast switching pulsed power converters design – A high current application for accelerator’s magnets EPE Conference
2019 2223958 Modelling and control of the HL-LHC nested circuits at CERN IEEE COMPEL Conference
2019 2423576 Method for common mode voltage analysis in a system with multiple input noise sources IEEE Xplore Journal Papers
2019 2244143 IGBT Power stack integrity assessment method for high-power magnets supplie IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics Journal Papers
2019 2245329 FGC3.2: A new generation of embedded controls computer for power converters at CERN ICALEPCS Conference
2019 2245327 Adaptation of CERN power converter controls for integration into other laboratories using EPICS and TANGO ICALEPCS Conference
2019 2244082 EMC concepts applied to the power converters supplying the superconductive magnets for the CERN LHC accelerator EMC Europe Conference
2019 2244064 Cost and availability improvements for fault-tolerant systems through optimal load-sharing policies EDI40 Conference
2019 2244063 Data-driven controller design using the CERN power converter control libraries (CCLIBS) IPAC Conference